SunSign Graphics Inc.

SunSign Graphics Inc. is owned and operated by Robin Sjaarda at 1394 Pembroke St. West. Robin came to Pembroke and established business in December of 1996. Since that time he has worked diligently at providing his customers with quality products at competitive prices.


Robin's roots are in Southwestern Ontario, in the city of Woodstock. The high school he attended at College Avenue had an extremely advanced art curriculum, with an entire wing of the school dedicated to the arts. From this environment, Robin moved on the George Brown College of Toronto Sign Graphics Program.


It's All In The Layout

The Sign Graphics Program at the King Street Campus is unique in being a college course purely dedicated to educating students on the finer points of Sign Making. Starting with hand lettering by brush and focusing on layout and typefaces for the majority of first year, students are engrained with the fundamentals of what makes a sign work. Students must learn to create working layouts with appropriate style before color or material ever come into play. Origins of letter styles are explored with the reasoning behind various letter shapes.

Once the basic layout has become second nature, students learn all the ins and outs of wood, plastic, vinyl, paint, ink, various metals, long term ultraviolet light effects, etc. etc. In second year they put it all together and start making "real signs."



After finishing the trade course, Robin worked in a sign shop in his home town before securing a position with the international billboard company "Mediacom" as director of production in it's Barrie, Ontario plant. After several years successfully producing billboards for Barrie, Orillia, the connecting Highway 11 and surrounding area, "Mediacom" was purchased by the "Pattison Outdoor" group and a major restructuring occurred. At that time Robin decided to move into Pembroke where billboard production was in need and began the company, "SunSign Graphics," that the local community enjoys today.


Passing It On

As a result of this education, Robin believes the choice of materials may be up to the customer, depending on their budget, but his job is the creation of a good attractive product with "eye appeal" and legibility for that 15 second glance the consumer gives to any of the thousands of signs they see each day. He will listen to your specific need and turn it into a good working advertisement.


Robin is involved with the local BNI, supports The Beachburg Bulls, local charities and is a proud sponsor of Formula 1 hopeful Nathan Blok.

Sunsign Graphics Incorporated has been a member since February 26th 1997


1394 Pembroke Street West
Pembroke, Ontario, Canada
K8A 7M3


Phone: 613-735-4464 
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