Riverview Heights Retirement Residence

Riverview Heights Retirement Residence opened its doors to the Pembroke community in 2008, and has provided uncompromising service to 100's of seniors over the last 10 years. Riverview Heights was the vision of local community members that came together to build something special in senior's living for the Pembroke region. Their goal was to create a warm and home like setting, with an open and friendly culture where residents would feel valued, safe and secure.

Riverview Heights encourages independence but, residents have the comfort of knowing caring staff are there to help you at any time.

Riverview Heights offers you freedom and flexibility in suite styles and sizes. As well as our full service residential package designed to meet your unique needs with flexibility in care options, meal plans and housekeeping.

It is our belief our warm environment, well appointed building, dedicated staff, community focus and flexibility empowers us to be the number one choice for seniors in Pembroke and Renfrew County.

Riverview Heights Retirement Residence has been a member since January 9, 2019


400 Bell Street,

Pembroke, ON
K8A 32K5


Phone: 613-401-6252
Email: tknox@riverviewheights.ca
Online: www.riverviewheights.ca