TV Cogeco

Cable Community Television is unique - in the way it focuses on the local level and how it can directly involve the community in the creation of these programs. Because of this special partnership, the Cogeco Community Channel can reflect the events and interests that are relevant to you and your neighbours.


You can watch everything from local sports and politics to current events and the latest 'Celebrations'. Programs range from health care and educational issues to development concerns, youth interests and local heroes. It's about who we are, and what makes our community so special.


TV Cogeco has been a member since February 22nd 1990


185 Lake Street
Pembroke, Ontario, Canada
K8A 5M1


Phone: 613-732-1228 
Fax: 613-735-6177

(613) 732-1492

Monday - Friday: 9am to 4pm

177 Alexander Street,

Pembroke, ON 

K8A 4L8

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