Heritage Education Funds/Knowledge First Financial

I help families here in the Ottawa Valley, and to Military Families with their children's Post Secondary Educational Needs in the form of a RESP - Registered Education Savings Plan. Although I am a "broker" for a larger scale company. I am solely paid on my own efforts and I self market myself. I just opened an office in Pembroke November 1st and I am in every trade show event in the Valley to get my name known. I would like to do more and offer more to our families here in the Valley.

Heritage Education Funds/Knowledge First Financial has been a member since November 12, 2019


180 Mackay Street
Pembroke, Ontario, Canada
K8A 1C3


Phone: 613-222-7487
Email: jennifer_snider@heritageresp.com

(613) 732-1492

Monday - Friday: 9am to 4pm


177 Alexander Street,

Pembroke, ON 

K8A 4L8

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