FULL CIRCLE Restorative Practices

FULL CIRCLE offers conflict resolution facilitation, as well as workshops and training in restorative practices.  Participants are guided by a facilitator and their own values.  Respectful communication is key, as those who have done harm are held accountable and have the opportunity to learn from their mistakes and make amends. People who have been harmed get the answers they need and are an integral part of the proccess.  Both the people who caused harm and those affected by it decide what needs to happen for everyone to go forward in a positive way.

Restorative practices are used in many fields, such as:
Justice, as an alternative to the current court system
Schools, as an alrenative to detention, suspension and expulsion
Divorcce, as an alternative to the courts
Reintegration, to help offenders return to the community after prison
Community Development, to help diverse groups hear each other and work together
Business, to help build strong effective teams, build creativity, and resolve conflicts as they arise.

Our facilitators are fully trained and certified through the International Institute of Restorative Practices (IIRP), a world leader in the field.

Presentations and Workshops
We tailor our events to meet the needs of your group, from short introductory presentations to half-day hands-on workshops.

FULL CIRCLE is a member of Restorative Practices International (RPI) and is associated with the International Institute for Restorative Practices (IIRP)


Chamber Association

FULL CIRCLE Restorative Practices has been a member since July 19th 2012


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