EIP Mfg is a highly specialized machine shop that not only services local businesses but also deals with manufactured products that we ship throughout the world. We are heavily involved in the aerospace field and also deal in nuclear products for companies such as Cameco in Port Hope to CNL in Chalk River.

EIP Mfg is a very versatile and an adaptable shop that can suit the needs of any company. We are a continually growing business that has a high level of quality skilled tradesmen that work as a team to produce very high quality products.

EIP Mfg has been a member since January 31st 2016


965 Cecelia Street
Pembroke, Ontario, Canada
K8B 1A4


Phone: 613-735-8095
Fax: 613-735-2961
Email: eip@eipmfg.ca
Online: www.eipmfg.ca