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Operations - the creation and delivery of the goods and services you sell - are the heart of your organization. Your business can only be successful if your operations are effective, and this starts with managing your operations effectively.

Effective operations management means:

  • PURPOSE: Your team knows what they are driving towards, and what is important in getting there

  • SYSTEM: Your people are in the right place; you measure the right things at the right time

  • LEADERSHIP: Your leaders lead together

  • ENGAGEMENT: Your team is on board and involved

  • GROWTH: Your improvements are sustainable; problems are visible and solved in the right way

  • FEEDBACK: Your team talks about their performance, and the right information flows freely

enodat consulting can help you become more effective through an integrated approach that builds the needed systems, improves your team's capabilities, and changes their mindsets.

In addition, we can help you with more specific expertise such as:

  • Helping you define, communicate and implement your strategy

  • Designing and implementing formalized operations management systems

  • Preparing and facilitating executive operations meetings

  • Designing and implementing formalized project management infrastructures

  • Designing and implementing continuous improvement programs, including training of Lean and SIx Sigma skills

  • Mentoring and coaching internal process improvement project managers, or direct on-site leadership of these projects​

enodat consulting has been a member since February 13, 2020


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