Community Employment Services

Algonquin College’s Community Employment Services in Pembroke provides employment assistance to individuals who are looking for work or re-training opportunities. We offer services in both English and French.

Individuals who are seeking assistance in finding work are welcome to use our services.

Here is a full list of the programs that we offer at our Pembroke Community Employment Services office:

Employment Services:  This is our main program and it supports people of all ages and backgrounds with securing employment and career information. The program is designed to offer the rights supports based on client need. Some of our clients require the assistance of our resource centre, while other will work closely with an Employment Consultant to build a return to work action plan that include a subsidized work experience with a local employer.

Canada-Ontario Job Grant:  This program provides an opportunity for employers to invest in their workforce. The grant offers direct financial support of up to two-thirds of the costs to individual employers who wish to purchase training to further develop their employees’ skills.

Second Career:  This program is intended to support individuals who have lost their jobs because of downsizing or layoffs within their employment sector and are struggling to find a new job that matches their skill set.  Clients who are motivated to attend college to receive training in a new sector specific occupation may qualify for funding to pay their educational costs.

Skills Link Youth Employment Program:  This program provides and opportunity for employers to help a young person gain workplace experience through a subsidized full-time work placement. Prior to beginning their work placement, the program participants have taken part in a structured workshop program for three weeks that includes industry recognized safety training such as WHMIS and Fall Protection Awareness. Program participants are 15 to 30 years old.


Algonquin College Community Employment Services relies heavily on its established partnerships with local and regional employers to support its clients who are seeking employment opportunities. We are always looking for new employers to utilize our services which include:

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