Upper Ottawa Valley Chamber of Commerce

Community Living Upper Ottawa Valley

Community Living Upper Ottawa Valley is a local non-profit organization that provides support to and advocates for people who have an intellectual disability to be fully included in all aspects of community life. Community Living envisions a society where all legal and human rights are afforded to every citizen without discrimination and where everyone is supported in their efforts to become a participating, respected member of our society. Because the equality of our lives depends on how, when, where and with whom we feel free to live, love, learn, work and spend our personal time, we all have a responsibility to ensure that others have those rights and that they are respected.  Working towards a better community life for those most vulnerable enhances everyone's life in our communities. This work helps break down intolerance, poverty, isolation and other forms or marginalization, while promoting understanding, tolerance, inclusion and a better standard of living.  We work very hard at inspiring possibilities.


Community Living Upper Ottawa Valley has been a member since May 4th 2008

894 Pembroke Street West
Pembroke, Ontario, Canada
K8A 5P8

Phone: 613-735-0659 ext 104
Fax: 613-735-1373
Email: chrisgrayson@communitylivingupperottawavalley.ca
Online: www.communitylivingupperottawavalley.ca