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Roy and Associates - Wealth Management and Insurance Services


Our firm was established in 1994 to offer clients an integrated wealth management service with advice on a broad spectrum of related issues. We provide solid, focused performance with personal service, integrity and commitment. We believe in developing long term relationships with our clients to insure they achieve their financial goals.
Our core service is comprehensive financial planning. This includes analysis in the areas below each with different focus:
1) Insurance Planning: Protection against today's risks
2) Investment Planning: Best returns for appropriate risk
3) Retirement Planning: Maximized net income
4) Estate Planning: Maximized net estate
5) Taxation Planning: Minimization of taxes
We provide our clients with quality customized reports and recommendations & most importantly with the products and processes to implement these. We work with other professionals, such as your lawyer & accountant, to insure a comprehensive approach to your financial affairs


Roy and Associates - Wealth Management and Insurance Services has been a member since January 1st 1999

175 Pembroke Street East
Pembroke, Ontario, Canada
K8A 3J6

Phone: 613-732-1694
Fax: 613-732-4681
Email: yvesroy@nrtco.net
Online: www.royandassociates.ca