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The Marguerite Centre is a Grey Sister not-for-profit ministry.  We are an inter-faith spiritual retreat and renewal centre.  We value tradition while welcoming new growth.  We promote programs‚ therapies and retreats designed to bring us closer to God and a better understanding of ourselves.  We are a Christian facility and as such‚ we respect the major world religions that believe in one God.  Our mandate is to love our neighbour as we love ourselves.  We are not a New Age facility.  We do not seek or promote an alternative to God.
We are a conference and learning centre with excellent resources of high tech equipment available for rent.  We are a meeting room rental facility for other not-for-profit organizations.  We are not a competitive alternative to the business sector in any of the services we offer.  We create our own programs‚ seminars and workshops to serve the needs we see within our community.
We are an accommodation facility for the Grey Sisters and their guests‚ as well as those who attend retreats.  We promote wellness in life through holistic lifestyle as a complement of modern medicine.  We are an ecological‚ non-political‚ tax-paying facility.


Marguerite Centre has been a member since November 18th 2008

700 Mackay Street
Pembroke, Ontario, Canada
K8A 1G5

Phone: 613-732-9925
Fax: 613-735-2048
Email: bookings@margueritecentre.com
Online: www.margueritecentre.com