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A customer-centric culture begins with an educated and empowered employee base of quality service professionals. Savvy Academy is an education and development centre inspired by adult learning principles and competency-building practices to create goal-driven front-line service teams. Today’s adult learner lives in a world of technological mobility, on-demand services, and binge entertainment at the press of a button when and where they like. To get full value from an educational experience, these learners seek out self-directed and autonomous opportunities to fully absorb the essential materials at their own pace and convenience. Savvy Academy’s signature on-line educational program offers courses in convenient chapters accessible from desktop computers or mobile devices — with real-time opportunity for interaction with classmates and Savvy educators in our forums — to fit the active lifestyle of the modern learner. The Savvy Academy program is designed with each course building on the previous materials as a learning journey from the functional front-line customer service professional to the corporate strategic customer experience plan. Successful completion of each course leads to certification, and commendation is awarded with a completed thesis project.

Members of the Upper Ottawa Valley Chamber of Commerce get a 10% discount on all classes. Group rates available.

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Customer SAVVY has been a member since August 16th 2016

21 Fern Roan
Pembroke, Ontario, Canada
K8A 6W2

Phone: 613-638-3333
Email: ron@customersavvy.ca
Online: www.customsavvy.ca