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Dreessen Cardinal Architects Inc.

Dreessen Cardinal Architects Inc is an Ottawa-based architectural practice with roots dating back more than 25 years. We strive for design excellence – This means balancing the creative architectural solutions to client needs with the practical aspects of creating quality, durable, beautiful buildings. As such, we not only develop and promote architectural excellence in the buildings we design, but we do so while successfully developing and fostering positive customer relationships. This balance allows us to continually deliver projects on time, within budget and ultimately, with the respect of all parties involved in the life of any one of our architectural projects. The firm’s project experience includes commercial, retail, office, industrial and institutional work in varying settings. We have a long history of projects in the Ottawa Valley including Our experience includes infill residential, both single family, multi-unit and condominium projects as well as retirement and care facilities; leading edge, high-tech, research and development facilities in complex environments and industrial, warehouse and retail buildings. We thrive on complexity and challenge. We have a thorough understanding of applicable building codes and the approval processes for the various jurisdictions that our practice covers, including federal, provincial and municipal approvals. We are actively engaged in the planning and approval stage of projects to help ensure that the client objectives are met and that architectural excellence is at the forefront of all our buildings. The firm has a currently certified ISO 9001:2008 quality management system. Through this system, we record, measure and report to seek continual improvement, bettering our service and exceeding expectations. We are an active member of both local business organizations and provincial and federal architectural associations including the Ontario Association of Architects and Architecture Canada. The firm believes in active involvement to “give back” through volunteerism, mentorship, and support for allied arts and professionals.

Dreessen Cardinal Architects Inc. has been a member since June 30th 2016

1350 Wellington West
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
K1Y 3C1

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Email: tdreessen@architectsDCA.com
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