Upper Ottawa Valley Chamber of Commerce

Upper Ottawa Valley Chamber of Commerce Welcomes 2nd Branch

Media Release: September 27, 2011

Upper Ottawa Valley Chamber of Commerce Welcomes Second Branch

The Upper Ottawa Valley Chamber of Commerce (“UOV Chamber”) expanded its region on Monday night (Sept 26th) when members of the Deep River & Area Chamber of Commerce voted in a 12-1 decision to establish a second branch of the UOV Chamber in their region. The Deep River & Area Chamber will discontinue operations as a separate Chamber, and combine forces with the UOV Chamber to become a branch of the larger Chamber.

“We are proud to welcome Deep River and the surrounding area to the Upper Ottawa Valley Chamber of Commerce,” said Gary Melnyk, president of the Upper Ottawa Valley Chamber. “All members of the Chamber should be pleased our business organization just became stronger today.”
The decision to discontinue as a separate Chamber took significant discussion and research for the Deep River Chamber where several meetings were held to discuss the strengths and opportunities of becoming a Branch with the UOV Chamber. A key item to address was the ability for the region to maintain autonomy, while still benefiting from the Chamber organization.
“I am pleased we took the time to discuss all the possibilities,” says Deep River & Area Chamber president, Katie Robertson. “Our members made an informed decision Monday night and we are confident in moving forward as a branch of the Upper Ottawa Valley Chamber.”
Like many organizations in the area, the opportunity to join forces with neighbouring communities has been something that has strengthened the organization and has allowed it to move forward and contribute to the community.
“I was part of the United Way amalgamation with Deep River and Pembroke/Petawawa,” says Shelley Rolland-Poruks, a member of both the Deep River and Upper Ottawa Valley Chambers. “It just made sense to take two great organizations and have them work together to achieve the same goals. It has been positive for the United Way, and I believe it will be positive for the Chamber.”
The establishment of a branch of the UOV Chamber in Deep River marks a second major development in the UOV Chamber history. The first branch was formed in Algonquin East region, encompassing Madawaska Valley, Killaloe and Brudenell and surrounding communities. The ability to establish and maintain branches has only been accomplished by a handful of Chambers in Canada, which now includes the Upper Ottawa Valley.
About the UOV Chamber
Formed in 1955 and incorporated under the Boards of Trade Act in 1958, the Upper Ottawa Valley Chamber of Commerce has continued to play an important role in the business community. The present day Chamber of Commerce was actually preceded by the Pembroke Board of Trade which has been dated back to at least 1903.
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